Be Special Tours || We are a company that is aiming to become the leading private tor provider in Salzburg. The company’s name already reflect the philosophy: Be Special and treat yourself special with a tailor-made tour. You are the most important asset to the company and only because of our guests we can become what we are working for. the history: In the year 1915 a store in Milan, called „La Donna Felice“ was established to make the best tailor made hats and style for happiest women. In the later years it turned into a fashion store for ladies. Until the year 2013 it existed, then the family tradition died out. In the year 2014 the company name and logo was sold to a new owner called La Felice GmbH in Austria to continue in the same manner to create tailor made tour for the happiest guests coming to Salzburg. We are a team of professional guides with passion to show you around and to make your vacation memorable and happy for you!. || Address: Gfalls 1a, 5061 Elsbethen, Austria || Phone: +43 660 1007999 || Website: